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Thank you for visiting our website. By accessing our website and its pages, you declare that you acknowledge the following "Legal  Notice and Terms of Use". If you do not accept them, please refrain from accessing this website. This website is not intended for persons who are subject to a place of jurisdiction that forbids the publication of or access to it.

The Legal Notice and Terms of Use are divided into six sections:

Intellectual Property Rights

The entire content of our website, including (without limitation) the technology described, the texts, pictures, photographs, sounds,  logos, icons, and software, is protected by intellectual and/or industrial  property rights, including (without limitation) by copyrights, neighboring  rights, trademarks, commercial name, domain name, rights in database, patents, know-how, models, logo's and designs. All rights are reserved by Umicore Thin Film Products. The use of our website does not grant you any rights on any of its content. The content of our website may only be used to benefit from the services offered and for your personal use. Any other use, including (without  limitation) the copy, modification, adaptation, communication to third parties, and linkage for any purpose, are prohibited without prior written approval of Umicore Thin Film Products.


The content of our website is provided to you for information only. We do not assume any responsibility for any damage, including  direct and indirect damages such as loss of goodwill or business, loss of  revenue or profits or any other claim, demand, proceeding, cost and expense arising from or related to the use or the interpretation of our website and/or the information it contains, including (without limitation) for the use or the interpretation of any technical data, recommendations, or specifications available on our website.

Umicore Thin Film Products undertakes all reasonable measures to ensure the reliability of information presented on the website, but does not guarantee the correctness, reliability, or completeness of the information and views published. The information contained in our website may be corrected and updated from time to time at our discretion and without prior notice. We are not responsible for any consequences that would arise in the absence of such correction or updating.

The reports, press releases, and presentations available on our website relate primarily to periods or events in the past. We have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of these documents at the time of publication. However, more recent events may have rendered obsolete some of the information contained  therein.

Our website may contain links to third party websites. We do not assume any responsibility and provide no warranties whatsoever for the content of these websites. We may not be held liable for any damage, including direct and indirect damages such as any loss of goodwill or business, loss of revenue or profits, or any other claim, demand, proceeding, cost and expense arising from or related to the use of these third party websites. We do not in any way warrant that the content of these third party websites complies with the intellectual and/or industrial property rights of third parties.


The information published on our website does not constitute a solicitation to submit an offer, nor does it constitute an offer or a recommendation to acquire or sell investment vehicles or to conduct any other transactions.

Limitation of Liability

Umicore Thin Film Products disclaims, without limitation, all liability for any loss or damage of any kind, including  (without limitation) any direct, indirect, or consequential damages, which might be incurred through or in connection with the use of or access to  (including the inability to access) the website, or any links to third-party websites. This applies also to losses and damages caused by viruses.


Privacy Policy

We are committed to ensuring the personal data and privacy of all users of our website, which is hosted by a Swiss provider. As a  result, we safeguard the information you supply and we collect about you, and  only use your personal data in compliance with the Swiss Federal Act on Data Protection of July 19, 1992 (status as per December 12, 2006).

The type and amount of information we receive depends on how you use our website. You can access most of our pages without telling us who you are and without revealing any personal information.

What Kind of Personal Data Do We Collect?

For statistical reasons, logs are collected during user visits to our  website. We use this information for the continuous improvement of our website.  These data, which are deleted within 24 hours, may include your visitor ID, the  date and hour of your visit (timestamp), the type of browser you use, your IP  address, the pages visited, and data related to the type of files you download  from our website.

Cookies (small text files generated by a software application on the website  and stored on the hard disk of your computer) are only used for the password  protected section of our website.

We do not collect personally identifiable information (such as your name, first  name, function, postal and e-mail address, telephone  and fax number, and company) unless you provide it in the corresponding contact form, for example for submitting an inquiry, signing up to our customer magazine or a newsletter, or for registering as user of the password protected section of our website, for which special terms of use apply.

By providing us your personally identifiable information via contact form, you acknowledge and agree that your personal data will be collected and/or processed for the purposes of providing you with personalized services as described above. We may communicate such personal data to any affiliate of Umicore or our worldwide sales network located in countries within the European Union and in any country outside the European Union even though this country does not provide for an adequate level of protection for your personal data, when such communication is required to provide you with personalized services. We will not communicate your personal data to any other third party.

Security of Your Personal Data

We have taken measures to ensure that your personal data are protected from unauthorized access, deletion, or modification. We will make reasonable efforts to ensure that your privacy interests are protected. Your personal data will only be disclosed to authorized persons within our group or worldwide sales network.

Links to Third Party Websites

We have taken measures to ensure that your personal data are protected from unauthorized access, deletion, or modification. We will make reasonable efforts to ensure that your privacy interests are protected. Your personal data will only be disclosed to authorized persons within our group or worldwide sales network.

Governing Law

The Legal Notice and Terms of Use are governed by, construed, and enforced in accordance with the laws of Switzerland. Any dispute arising from or related to the use of our website and any dispute relating to or arising  from the acceptance, interpretation, or observance of the Legal Notice and Terms of Use shall be settled in accordance with the substantive laws of Switzerland, with the exclusion of the conflict of laws provisions of Switzerland or any other jurisdiction. Umicore Thin Film Products makes no  representation that the content of our website complies with the laws of any country outside Switzerland. If you access this site from outside Switzerland, you are responsible for ensuring that your access to, downloading of, use of, or reliance on its content is in compliance with the laws of the place where you are located.